Carte Blanche

November 21 - December 20, 2014 

Opening Reception: Friday, November 21, 7-11pm

DNA artspace is pleased to present Carte Blanche, our final exhibition of 2014. Carte blanche, a French term that translates to white or blank card, is also a phrase for describing having the freedom to do as one wishes. Drawing from the literal and figurative meaning of the title, we have created a collaborative mail art project that utilizes both a blank postcard, and limitless creative possibilities.

Carte Blanche involves over one hundred contemporary artists across Canada and abroad who are in various stages of their career. We sent seventy artists a mail art kit: a postcard, an envelope, and two stamps. They were asked to create a work with the postcard and collaborate with a fellow artist of their choice. They have been given carte blanche; the perimeters are left open.

The collaborative element of this project stems from the importance of networks in a creative field; highlighting the value of artists’ relationships with other artists and broadening the exposure of DNA artspace.

All of the postcards will be for sale at a set price of $100 each. A portion of the proceeds from each sold work will go to the DNA Bookshop (towards hosting bookshop related events and sourcing artists' publications/multiples). Unsold cards will remain at the DNA Bookshop on consignment/available to view for one year, until December 2015.

We would like to thank all of the artists who have generously donated their time to this project and Sara Froese from All Sorts Press for printing the postcards. 

Participating artists and photos of postcards will be listed/updated on our Tumblr and  Facebook

Join the Carte Blanch Facebook page here:

Participating Artists

  • Barbara Hobot (Kitchener) + Matt Schust (Toronto)
  • Bogdan Cheta (Calgary) + Janet Turner (Calgary)
  • Brad Isaacs (London) + Amanda White (Toronto)
  • Brandan Doty (Guelph) + Janine Miedzik (Guelph) 
  • Chris Cran (Calgary) + John Will (Calgary) 
  • Chris Myhr (Hamilton) + John Ford (Hamilton)
  • Christine Negus (London) + Ania Wroblewski (Montreal)
  • Conan Masterson + Gerri-Lynn Mackey (Corner Brook, NL)
  • David Merritt (London) + Nicholas Wade (Lethbridge)
  • Anonymous + Anonymous
  • Dickson Bou (London) + Jamil Afana (London)
  • drunken paw [Mark Dicey + Leslie Sweder + Janet Turner] (Calgary)
  • Gabriella Solti (London) + Debbie Westergaard Tuepah (Vancouver)
  • Gary Spearin (London) + Sandra Gregson (Toronto)
  • Gillian Dykeman (Toronto) + Jerry Ropson (Sackville)
  • Grace Braniff (Toronto) + Shizen Jambor (Vancouver)
  • Heather Carey (London) + Sasha O (Windsor)
  • Heather Kai Smith (Calgary) + Mary Rothlisberger (Palouse, WA)
  • Hilary Bowman (Calgary) + Luke Maddaford (Windsor)
  • Hyang Cho (Guelph) + Shane Krepakevich (Toronto)
  • Jamelieh Hassan (London) + Troy David Ouellette (London)
  • Jamie Q (London) + Luke Ramsey (Victoria)
  • Jared Peters (Toronto) + Gray Richards (Toronto)
  • Jason McLean (Brooklyn/London) + Etienne Zach (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Jenna Faye Powell + Matt King (Toronto) 
  • Jennifer Crighton (Calgary) + Thea Yabut (London)
  • Jennifer Martin (London) + Sandra Semchuk (Vancouver)
  • Jesse Stilwell (Calgary) 
  • Jim Verburg (Toronto) + Joy Walker (Toronto)
  • Jodie Rose Serwa (Calgary) + Sondra Meszaros (Calgary)
  • Jolie Bird (Calgary) + Heather Huston (Calgary)
  • Justin Waddell (Calgary) + David Poolman (Toronto) 
  • Kali Urquhart (Calgary) + Dallin Ursenbach (Calgary) 
  • Katie Lyle (Toronto) + Megab Hepburn (Vancouver)
  • Kelly Jazvac (London) + Jen Hutton (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kiarra Albina (Calgary) + Heather Kai Smith (Calgary)
  • Kim Neudorf (London) + Paolo Fontin (Peterborough) 
  • Kyla Brown (Toronto) + Sara Cullen (Oxford, UK)
  • Lefty Smudges (London) + Nick Farmer (London)
  • Liza Eurich (London) + Juliane Foronda (Toronto)
  • Lynette de Montreuil (London) + Carly Butler (Halifax) 
  • Marlene Hilton Moore (Hillsdale) + Joe N (Halifax)
  • Michael Farnan (Victoria) + Shannell Papp (Lethbridge)
  • Maryse Lariviere (London) + Tiziana La Melia (Vancouver)
  • Neil Klassen (London) + Ella Dawn Mcgeough (Toronto)
  • Niloufar Salimi (London) + Rachel MacFarlane (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • Parker Branch (London) + Maggie Groat (Vancouver)
  • Patrick Cull (Kitchener) + Jon Claytor (Sackville)
  • Patrick Mahon (London) + Thomas Mahon (Cambridge) 
  • Ross Bell (London) + Jordan Broadworth (New York, NY) 
  • Ron Benner (London) + Miriam Jordan (London)
  • Sarah Froese (Hamilton)+ Neal Moignard (Montreal)
  • Serena McCarroll (Toronto) + Robert Dayton (Kitchener)
  • Shawn P. Mankowske (Calgary) + Natalie McLean (Calgary)
  • Sky Glabush (London) + David Merritt (London)
  • Sondra Meszaros (Calgary) + Jodie Rose Serwa (Calgary)
  • Tegan Moore (London) + Daniel Oates Kuhn (Beacon, NY)
  • Thea Yabut (London) + Marigold Santos (Montreal)
  • Tony McAuley (London) + Emma Bradley (London)
  • Wyn Geleynse (London) + Paul Walde (Victoria)