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Tegan Moore: A Negentropic Promise

"An object which shines is an object that can be renewed by having its shine restored; it is a negentropic promise, and the promise of future rescindings."
- Steven Connor, Intact

Through closely linked processes in sculpture, installation, and video, Tegan Moore uses experimental methods of construction and design often informed by projects in other fields such as manufacturing and environmental engineering. This past winter, she worked in conjunction with the demolition phase of a weather testing project in a full-scale house at The Insurance Research Lab for Better Homes. Here she found a space that enabled an exposure of the physical workings of the house through its unusual context both as a laboratory and as a place undergoing deconstruction literally piece-by-piece.

Working with specific materials that both consume and mitigate the weather, A Negentropic Promise presents new constructions of nullified forms that exercise a logic of consumer products and make visible often unseen technical operations. Forcing the removed, the exhausted, and the invisible into persistent production—Moore positions air, temperature, substance, and fragility in close proximity. The exhibition is a culmination of the artist’s work and research towards a Master of Fine Arts degree at The University of Western Ontario.

Tegan Moore is currently based in London, Ontario. She received a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2008 and has since exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto, and San Francisco. Recently her work was included in Every Evasion at Vancouver’s Equinox Gallery and she contributed to Maggie Groat’s book project, The Lake, published by Art Metropole. Moore’s upcoming exhibitions include Corruption of Time’s Dust at 221A in Vancouver, and Specs at MKG 127 in Toronto. 

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