Jenna Faye Powell
I'm Okay

February 28 - April 11, 2015

Main Floor

When inquiring about someone's mood or wellbeing, the response of "I'm okay" seems rarely sincere or truthful. Generally proceeded by a "but…,” a short exhale of breath, and a long list of things that are not, in fact, "okay". The title of this exhibition speaks to the basic desire to stay positive and polite despite the most discouraging, uncontrollable and/or bleak situations.

Jenna Faye Powell is a self-proclaimed optimist, miniature enthusiast and emerging artist. Powell's art practice looks to the fantastical. She does not intend to escape reality, but to be further engaged with it. Looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, I'm okay, uses imagery and notions of sinkholes, black holes, and quicksand as metaphors for the unpredictability of contemporary living from the perspective of an optimist. Powell’s imagery isn’t as threatening as the sinkholes and quagmires we see on the evening news; they aren't sinister, messy or jagged. Rather, her fictional cross-sections are smooth, tubular, and colourful. These voids beckon us to jump in, evoking amusement park attractions or science text-book diagrams: disaster with rose-colored glasses.

Powell is based in London, ON. Some of her recent exhibitions include: Brave New Worlds at Museum London and the 2014 Windsor - Essex Triennial. She attained an MFA from the Nova Scotia College and is the Director of Forest City Gallery.

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