Chair Weed,  Matthew Trueman and Ryan Craven, 2015

Chair Weed, Matthew Trueman and Ryan Craven, 2015

So Long South Street
A project by Matthew Trueman and Ryan Craven

Exhibition Dates: September - September 24, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday September 18, 7-10pm

DNA artspace is pleased to present So Long South Street, an exhibition marking the one year anniversary of the levelling of London's old Victoria Hospital South Street campus. Matthew Trueman and Ryan Craven's project documents the former hospital with historical material and recent photographs of the demolition site. Their interest lies in exploring and documenting the importance of South Street Hospital’s connection to the city of London. 
The unique and organic appearance of the hospital was the result of fusing dissimilar architectural styles together over the course of nearly one hundred and fifty years. It ultimately became one of the city’s most famous buildings. In 1969, regionalist artists Greg Curnoe and Jack Chambers both painted what are now famed landscapes of the hospital. Trueman, inspired by the same structural complexity and the hospital’s longstanding role in the community, was moved to photograph the process of its erasure.
Acting as historical curator, Craven worked to select old photographs and summarize the story of the South Street Hospital. His contribution helps to contextualize Trueman’s photographs by highlighting the significant role Victoria Hospital's South Street campus played in the evolution of the London community.

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