Niloufar Salimi.  Tangled 1  , 6'x5', Ink on paper

Niloufar Salimi. Tangled 1, 6'x5', Ink on paper

Niloufar Salimi
I am not I, almost never.

Exhibition Dates: August 25 - September 24, 2015
Opening Reception: September 11, 7 - 11pm.

I am not I, almost never, is an exhibition of new ink drawings, collages, and woven paper works. The tangled lines that run through all of the works in the exhibition refer to ropes, threads, hair, and even a web of roads on a drawn map. Each work represents a moment when the “tangle” is on the verge of change, either becoming more complicated, or operating as a mass about to untangle itself. The delicate works here represent states of confusion, fluidity, and uncertainty. For this exhibition, Nilou Salimi focuses on the use of wonderfully inventive drawing as a way to probe identity. Through references to gesture, behaviour, and by pondering memory, the artist considers identity as something fluid, uncertain, and often evasive.

Niloufar Salimi is completing her MFA at the University of Western Ontario and received a BFA from OCAD University. 

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