No Boys With Frogs

November 29th - December 15th, 2013

The DNA building, 123 Dundas was originally built to house a shoe store and factory for Fodemesi Shoes, a family owned and operated orthopaedic specialist. As an opportunity to conceptually react to the transition of the building from a shoe factory to a creative space, owners Allison and Damir Matic decided to mark this turning point with a site-specific project, No Boys with Frogs. For this exhibition, a selection of artists at various stages in their career were invited to claim an area in the building and create work that responds to the space in an open format. With a two month install period, artists made work in response to the interior architecture, as a comment on the history of the building, or as an opportunity to test methods and material processes that would not normally occur in their practice. When renovations commenced in mid December 2013, all the artwork was either removed or destroyed.

Artists responded to the rich variety of interior qualities of the building. In its shell of a shoe store and factory, 123 Dundas was full of curiosities: Although built in the 1980s, it was decorated with a fondness for 1970s brown and orange; main floor walls jutted out at varied angles; carpeted areas existed in unconventional spaces; there was a room solely designed to inhabit a stock of leather; thick layers of plaster dust covered multiple custom built shelves; faux textile patterned wallpaper seemed to be peel off on its own; and the removal of display shelving revealed hidden patterns of glue reminiscent of the most exquisite drawing gestures.

List of Artists / Collaborators / Art Organizations:

David Bobier · Dickson Bou · Parker Branch · Kyla Brown · Heather Carey · Gillian Dykeman · Liza Eurich · Wyn Geleynse · Patrick Howlett · Brad Isaacs · Kelly Jazvac · James Kirkpatrick · Neil Klassen · Maryse Larivière · Peter Lebel · LOMAA · Mackenzie Ludlow · Darrin MacAdam · Patrick Mahon · Damir Matic · Jason McLean · David Merritt · Colin Miner · Laura Mitrow · Kim Moodie · Tegan Moore · Chris Myhr · Kelly O'dette · Troy David Ouellette · Dianne Pearce · Jenna Faye Powell · Jamie Q · Giles Whitaker · Kelly Wood · Thea Yabut · Billy Bert Young