Divergent Harmonies No.1  , 2015, copper tin, pine, plywood, aluminum, 36 3/16"h x 36 3/16"w x 2"d

Divergent Harmonies No.1, 2015, copper tin, pine, plywood, aluminum, 36 3/16"h x 36 3/16"w x 2"d

Patrick Thibert

Exhibition Dates: March 4 - April 16, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday March 4, 7-10pm

Through the decades, Patrick Thibert has mainly worked three-dimensionally. His early work was an investigation of abstraction, later moving into narrative themes involving metaphors and symbols. Since 2011, Patrick has been re-visiting abstraction. His sculptures are made from a combination of processes and materials such as aluminum, tin, copper, and wood. The varied tonal fields are developed by applying chemical patinas to the metal ground of the works.
Thibert’s new work in this exhibition, Reliefs & Drawings, follows the trajectory of his long standing interest in juxtaposing lines, planes, and geometric forms. Produced from July 2014 to December 2015, this work places a greater emphasis on the arrangement of a limited number of shapes, relying on their contrasting surfaces and placement to create a dynamic composition.  These abstract works are activated by reductive processes, which create tension in the surface texture.

About the Artist:

Patrick Thibert was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He studied chemical technology at the Western Ontario Institute of Technology in Windsor (1961-1965). He attained a BFA from The University of Windsor in 1972 and an MFA from Florida State University in 1974. His most recent solo exhibitions include, Abstraction to Abstraction at Museum London in 2014 and at Olga Korper Gallery in Toronto in 2008.